How can being your own boss redefine your life?

I’m Kelly Colman and I’ve been exactly where you are. Putting out free content and paid offerings on the internet without seeing any returns.
Starting my own online business has genuinely, drastically, and beautifully transformed my life. It ignited a passion within me to share how I built a thriving business with over 1,000 students while maintaining a balanced 32-hour workweek, allowing me the freedom to be wherever I desired. And you know what? I achieved all of this while raising three amazing kids and cherishing a strong partnership with my husband.

However, the journey from being a professional dancer to leading a team and assisting countless entrepreneurs in creating lives they love was not an overnight success. It involved a back-and-forth dance, accompanied by numerous humbling failures and uncertain decisions that I wasn’t sure I would overcome. But every step of the way, I found the strength and determination to keep going—for myself, for my family, and for the incredible community of entrepreneurs I serve.

Let me ask you, was it worth it? SEE FOR YOURSELF.
Kelly Colman
Kelly Colman's Family

Married my husband Clive and gained 2 bonus sons, Mitch and Max


Started my own cosmetics brand

Kelly Colman

Madi was born

Kelly Colman

Launched on QVC.

Kelly Colman

 Maddox was born

Won my first award for the Brand and launched on QVC – first shopping channel

Won my first award for the Brand and launched on QVC – first shopping channel


Mason was born

Kelly Colman

Sold my Brand

Kelly Colman

Created lots more products for TKMaxx, other Brands and Amazon

Kelly Colman

Sold my first Amazon Course

You know what? I understand exactly what you’re feeling right now. The desire to take control of your life and embrace the freedom you deserve. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

Having an online business doesn’t magically solve all of life’s challenges, but let me tell you, it can transform your entire experience. The financial independence, the flexibility of time, and the ability to work from anywhere can truly reshape your beautiful life.

I was once just like you, hoping that this could be my reality. And guess what? It became my reality. I’ve walked the path, learned the steps, discovered the strategies, and even found some shortcuts along the way.
Now, if you’re ready to embark on your own journey of building a profitable online business, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I’ll share with you the knowledge, insights, and wisdom that I’ve gained throughout my own adventure.
So, if you’re eager to learn and grow, if you’re hungry for success and ready to make a change, I’m here, standing beside you, ready to help you make it happen. Let’s turn your aspirations into reality, together.